"HS" Heat Sealable Inks
HS SERIES is solvent-based Rotogravure Ink, especially designed for reverse and front side printing onto a wide range of corona treated (38 to 40 dynes/cm) films and paper materials.
HS SERIES is based on nitrocellulose and has good printing properties when printing half tone as well as full tone.
HS SERIES is available in our standard formulation & normal reducers are Ethanol + Ethyl Acetate
  Key features & Benefits
Suitable for front-side and reverse printing
Can print on treated BOPP, CPP, Pearlize, & Paper
Good Ink Transfer
Press stability
Improved productivity
Good Resolubility
Good half tone printing
Less time cleaning
Reduce downtime
Good Water Resistance
Can be used for deep-freeze application
High Gloss
Sharp & bright images
High Heat Resistance
Suitable for heat seal package
Good Jaw release
Good Grease Resistance
Can be used for fatty food application
 Material Suitability Ratings
LDPE Films
Very Suitable
Very Suitable
Very Suitable
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