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Panaflex Private Limited has 27 years of Flexible Packaging experience. Our company is committed to being one of the leading providers of quality flexible packaging material throughout Pakistan. We play an active role in the flexible packaging industry.

Panaflex Private Limited is a progressive company with decade’s long history of successful working with top food manufacturers to fulfill their flexible packaging requirements. We have ability to take our customer’s projects from concept to completion and meet their require level of quality with in time limit.

Our cutting edge printing capabilities are increasing the sales of our valued partners. The shelf appeal of your products is enhanced due to our vivid printing. We aim that our quality proves as a source of increased sales and enhance product’s shelf life. We provide high quality products at a reasonable price with our experience in Printing and Packaging. We always welcome our customers to fulfill their forth coming requirements.

Performing consistently at higher levels, striving continuously for innovation, agility, optimization and responding to the change is our mark of excellence.

Through our expertise, analysis and focus, we assure growth for all our clients.

We warmly welcome clients from all over the world. —your dreams are our mission to make them true…


why choose us

We have highly qualified and fully experienced staff in every department which makes our team the best.

All of our team members are very optimistic and we take your product to the next level.

Through our expertise, analysis and focus, we assure growth for all our clients that’s why Panaflex is known to be the best company in market.